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Speculative logo submitted to a multimedia startup company. Can be easily formatted for motion graphics as well as print. Do you have a similar business or name and like this design? Email me! I can customize it to your business specifications for next to nothing.
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My original vector-based submission did not make the cut, but I liked the concept enough to enhance it in PhotoShop and present it here
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Spec design for my friend, an award-winning news and sports photographer. Could also make for a great motion graphics intro using Flash or something similar. He did not use this design, so it's up for grabs... And I know there are a lot of photographers out there. I can customize this to meet your requirements and still stay within double digits... So, the gettin' good is right now
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Designed for my brother's winning fantasy football team, mainly to display on the web. He beat me in our Fantasy Bowl that year
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Another design that's very splashy, cool and fun. The client wanted something a little more quiet and elegant, so If you want this logo (or a derivative thereof) specific to your needs, please email me for more details
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Speculative logo design for a recreational product manufacturer
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Another pretty cool design that never really got off the ground... I just like it
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I support our communities, big and small, and will do pre-press graphics design work at very little or no cost for non-profits, charities or other organizations that bring real benefits to all of us, whether directly or indirectly. This design was an upgrade for a town counseling center from an outdated original. No charge. If you are a non-profit, and have a project on a low (or no) budget, please email me
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Originally a logo spec. It didn't make the grade as the final, but they liked the concept enough to reproduce it onto T-shirts and stickers
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When designing a logo for a business that also represents an actual person's name, my absolute best is what I try to attain. What a great name for a wedding photographer
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A reversed version of another contest design submission. Bold, simple, clean. And I will follow through with the right file for any job, whether it be reproduced onto a thousand business cards or just twice on the sides of a pickup truck
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I love a good design challenge, especially when it just works, period. We took many elements of what the client liked and I turned them all (from scratch) into something they loved. That's what I like to do. It's a win-win all the way around. You certainly can't call this business image a 'no-brainer'
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This design received 4 out of 5 stars as an online contest entry a few years back. It didn't win because there's a LOT of very creative, competitive and talented designers out there (but it's nice to know I can give the best of them a run for their money)
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There were over five hundred different designs submitted to this recent online contest. I knew mine was a 'clay pigeon' going in, and this design upgrade looks like a hundred other insurance-related logos, but that's okay... I now have an original vector-based American Colonial Minuteman in my design arsenal which could still be worth something down the road. It is FOR SALE also - I have a full profile of this American iconic hero, musket in-hand and all. Please email me for more details
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This is the project where I had an epiphany and began to see a distinct style pattern emerging from my work. That's when I realized... I really need new typefaces
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Nothing fancy here, but it sure would look good reproduced on just about anything
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Artistically speaking, the feminine side of my logo design abilities have a long way to develop. But I thought this project was nice enough to include here
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My first real crack at designing a smart phone, or iOS app icon. We see them everywhere now. They may look easy to design, but a lot of work goes into those little buttons. This app is supposed to scan your lottery ticket bar code right from your smart phone, and instantly return the news that you probably wasted another couple bucks
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Doing research is another important factor before rolling up the old proverbial sleeves and jumping into a logo design - don't be afraid to ask questions and get as much feedback as the client or CH is willing to provide
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Another web and print design that will translate well on just about anything... I even made an app version of this logo because I believe the idea behind the business will take right off into that market quickly. As smart phones get smarter and touch-screen tablets begin to literally take over the world - take heed... The 'Clouds' are rolling in. This design is also customizable and FOR SALE as a bundled package
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Mr. Tone and company opted for a less colorful - albeit very nice - design to represent his Master of Music Mixology, and I get to add another great design to this gallery. If you are a DJ who needs a colorful little logo banner to hang while you are working, I can customize this design for you at a price guaranteed to put a smile on your face
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Good communication skills (especially listening) is essential in good logo design. Even without it, always try and give the client an even better design than what they originally envisioned. Fine tune. Rework. Fine-tune again. After all is said and done though, the real test will be time
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My entry among a plethora of colorful, creative and quite inspirational submissions. Sometimes, I see another designer's work, and I actually want them to win over my own design. No kidding
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The design brief for this project asked for an 'electric and fun' representation of their business. With this approach, I got one step closer to achieving that 'Neon Glow' look (in a vector-based illustration application). One day, I might even start writing 'How-To' articles
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In my twenty-five-plus years experience as a professional computer graphics guy, I have probably worked on just about every model Mac ever made since 1984. Really (except the super new ones). The client wanted a new business logo that would 'resonate' with Mac users. I call this one: Mission Accomplished. But this logo (or a variation thereof) is FOR SALE. Unlike the Macs themselves, I'm good AND affordable
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This design would be better reproduced on t-shirts, jackets or coffee mugs than as an actual business logo. I submitted another, more professional design for that, but because I grew up in Alaska, I had to have some fun too. If you have a hunting and/or fishing lodge anywhere, I can customize this design to reproduce onto products that will make great additions to your gift shop, or a nice little perk for your employees
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I install a typeface on my Mac and just sit on it, knowing I will probably only use it once.... If ever. It looked good to me here, so this was that once... If interested, please inquire
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This type of business is right up my alley, usually. Sometimes they work for the client... sometimes they don't. My philosophy is to stay positive and keep trying. There will always be other opportunites
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Another nice, memorable, uncomplicated logo. I think the image itself begs the age-old question: 'Do you do windows?' I guess not, because these contest holders bailed-out of the whole project, leaving dozens of designers hanging out to dry. I will literally give this design away with your business name if you are interested. Just email me for more details
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It's getting increasingly difficult to create truly original derivatives of old metaphorically cliched (client requested) themes - like this lightbulb - especially when competing with hundreds of other designers from all over the globe. And with today's over-saturation of short-lived 'fad' stock images, some contest sites are usually a crapshoot when it comes to originality
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A simple, basic design with a tasteful usage of the client's own color choices. Just enough elemental flair to make it stand out and still say 'We're professional, yet friendly... No stuffed shirts around here.' This would look respectable in print, on the web and even as a video motion graphic
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I love it when a client or contest holder knows exactly what they want and spells it out in no uncertain terms. And it's amazing to see all the different variations of other designers under the same set of guidelines. They can and do get very creative - some rather well. But it's never over until it's over
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Sirius is supposed to be the brightest star in the night sky. As far as this logo is concerned, I really don't get the trend toward combining blue and orange together as spot colors, but when blending them, the in-between colors are gorgeous
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When a client or contest holder has only just a vague idea of what they want, it's up to the graphics people like me to try and come up with something brilliant. We're not 'mind readers', but sometimes it sure does feel that way. Even if they don't quite have a full grasp at first, once designs start rolling in, they usually know what they like when they see it
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I created this logo for posters, newspaper ads, shirts and embroidered hats. The flashy motion blur you see here is just added for effect. It was a fairly simple job that I don't think ran over $150.00

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